Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blogging is Hard Work!

Not only did I take a vacation from my blog, but I'd stopped reading yours as well! I'm trying to catch up and comment to lots of you, but it's a lot of work to get to all of you.

So, my blanket statements to each of you for the last month. Please choose the one(s) that apply best to your situation!
*Congrats on the loss!
*So what if you only lost .2 of a pound ... it all adds up in the end.
*Wow! Sounds like life has been rough on you recently. We all hit bumps in the road sometimes. Just make sure you get back on the right track soon.
*Yum! That sounds like an awesome recipe. Too bad I don't cook!
*You look awesome in that new picture! I can really tell the difference from your last photo.
*Exercise sucks sometimes. That's why I have a really cute trainer.
*Thanks for the comment! I missed you too.

That last one's for real. I've missed all of you. Thanks for sticking with me!

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Not You; It's Me

Thanks for all your well-wishes. I guess I'm taking a little break from constantly thinking about food and dieting. I had a few big losses in a row, followed by a couple of little gains. I'm still going to WW, but I've had a few scheduling conflicts there as well.
I didn't realize it had been so long until I got the great comment hoping that I'd made it back from the lake trip I went on for Labor Day almost a month ago! That made me laugh and realize I needed to post something ASAP.
I've been spending a lot of time recently at Max's apartment. In fact, I feel like my apartment is just a dumping ground right now. Honestly, in the last month I've spent about two nights a week at my own home.
You might remember that I had an 'incident' with Max reading my blog about 2 months ago. It's not a trust issue exactly, but I still don't want to blog from his house and leave him the temptation of having things to click on in his online history. I feel like if I bring it up, he'll think of it as me not trusting him. I've just decided not to offer him the temptation at this point in time. As a result, I either have to blog at work (where I never have time), or I have to blog from my house when I'm rarely home.

I've missed y'all, so I'll go ahead and promise to be better in October. I think I'm going to take the rest of September off and recommit myself next week.