Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm Heading Down the Atlanta Highway

Yep, a week from now I will be returning from a 3-day trip to Savannah, Georgia with approximately 400 8th graders. Pray for me.

We take the kids for a two-night trip ... lots of educational stuff as well as fun stuff.

This week, I gained a little. I knew I would never be able to sustain a seven pound loss. I'm up 2.8 pounds, and I'm totally okay with that.

I got my new school picture and have posted it. What do you think? The biggest difference is when you compare it to my teacher picture from 2005. I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't show a bigger difference from last year's photo, even tough I have lost about 30-35 pounds since then. I see a lot of changes in my body, so maybe that's the big difference this year.

I don't know why it's so fuzzy. It's not fuzzy on my computer. Any tips? Jodi? Any design genius help you can give me?

I'm not out of here until Tuesday morning, but I'll probably only post one more time before I go. I do plan on calling the hotel to find out what the workout situation might be. I'm also going to take a bunch of my own food and try not to go overboard on snacks.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blogging is Hard Work!

Not only did I take a vacation from my blog, but I'd stopped reading yours as well! I'm trying to catch up and comment to lots of you, but it's a lot of work to get to all of you.

So, my blanket statements to each of you for the last month. Please choose the one(s) that apply best to your situation!
*Congrats on the loss!
*So what if you only lost .2 of a pound ... it all adds up in the end.
*Wow! Sounds like life has been rough on you recently. We all hit bumps in the road sometimes. Just make sure you get back on the right track soon.
*Yum! That sounds like an awesome recipe. Too bad I don't cook!
*You look awesome in that new picture! I can really tell the difference from your last photo.
*Exercise sucks sometimes. That's why I have a really cute trainer.
*Thanks for the comment! I missed you too.

That last one's for real. I've missed all of you. Thanks for sticking with me!

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Not You; It's Me

Thanks for all your well-wishes. I guess I'm taking a little break from constantly thinking about food and dieting. I had a few big losses in a row, followed by a couple of little gains. I'm still going to WW, but I've had a few scheduling conflicts there as well.
I didn't realize it had been so long until I got the great comment hoping that I'd made it back from the lake trip I went on for Labor Day almost a month ago! That made me laugh and realize I needed to post something ASAP.
I've been spending a lot of time recently at Max's apartment. In fact, I feel like my apartment is just a dumping ground right now. Honestly, in the last month I've spent about two nights a week at my own home.
You might remember that I had an 'incident' with Max reading my blog about 2 months ago. It's not a trust issue exactly, but I still don't want to blog from his house and leave him the temptation of having things to click on in his online history. I feel like if I bring it up, he'll think of it as me not trusting him. I've just decided not to offer him the temptation at this point in time. As a result, I either have to blog at work (where I never have time), or I have to blog from my house when I'm rarely home.

I've missed y'all, so I'll go ahead and promise to be better in October. I think I'm going to take the rest of September off and recommit myself next week.

Friday, August 31, 2007

If I've lost 60 pounds, how can I still be so fat?

I'm having a mid-loss crisis. Okay, so crisis is a little strong in the semantics department. So, now that I've neared the half-way mark, I feel like I need some extra oomph. I know I said it didn't matter how long it took, but the 'end' is still a long time off. And yes, I know it's a lifestyle change, so by 'end' I mean maintenance. I look at a lot of your blogs and realize that you would be thrilled and close to the maintenance stage if you lost 60 pounds.

Any ideas to get past these feelings? As for my weigh-in, I have to report a slight gain of .4 of a pound. I've had several 1 pound+ losses in the past few weeks, so I knew I'd experience a small bounce at some point. According to my home scale, I've already lost that .4 plus a little more.

Have a great Labor Day weekend! We're off to the lake!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My double chin has hit the floor!

I weighed in this afternoon. I was pretty confident going in since I had hit a new stark-naked low earlier in the week. However, I did not expect a 3.2 pound loss! Especially after losing 2.2 last week, 1.0, the week before, and more than 3 the week prior to that! I'm a losing machine in August! I've already lost more than my goal of 6 pounds for the month. All I can say is GO ME!

Being on a schedule is so much better for me than being on summer vacation. Having three meals a day ... getting back on a regular gym schedule ... sleeping more each night. What a difference a few weeks make!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Laying like Broccoli

I was so exhausted all week I asked Max by Tuesday if we could just lay around and veg this weekend. He was all over that. So, Friday night we made dinner together and fell asleep on the couch. Saturday, he came to school to help me with some last minute back-to-school things, and we went to the gym. He was a good little helper. At the gym on th weekends, he likes to 'be my trainer.' He is a certified trainer, but he doesn't work in that capacity. However, he is totally in charge of the gym on the weekends when it comes to me. He works hard, and I love that I don't have to think. Today, we woke up, layed around a few hours, went back to bed, and then finally I came home for a little while. It was a good time spent with him, and the scale showed how little we invested in the weekend. Literally, when we veg out like that, food is one of the last things on our mind. I always lose a pound or two when I do that. Well, I got home just now. At 2 in the afternoon, my stark-naked weight is down 2 1/2 pounds to 231.0. I hope I can keep that up until Wednesday's weigh-in. We'll see. I'll probably have a hard time getting away on Wednesday morning during my planning period to run over to WW to weigh-in before lunch. We'll see. Sometimes I have to weight until the 5:30 p.m. meeting, but I try not to.

Hope y'all had good weekends too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm a Star!

What a crazy week. Tomorrow and Friday are Open Houses at school when the students and parents come to meet the teachers. I'm ready, but I'm exhausted. I had to move classrooms this year, and with the move I decided to purge like I'm doing to my closets at home. I've taught 3 different grade levels in 10 years (2nd, 5th, and 8th). I've taught almost every subject (math, science, history, reading, language arts, music, health, etc.). I've taught history for the last three years, so I decided to get rid of a lot of stuff that doesn't pertain to what I"m currently doing. I've given away a lot of stuff. I feel really good about it. Also, I've been organizing as I've been unpacking. Usually, there's no time for that during the preplanning week. I've taught in 9 classrooms in 10 years, so you can imagine the horror I've been dealing with.

I snuck away at lunchtime to go and weigh in since I thought I might work really late tonight. I lost 1.0 pound, which put me at exactly 35 pounds lost with WW since February 1. I really wanted to go back for my 5:30 meeting so I could get my star sticker, so I worked my tail off to make that happen.

If I haven't talked about my leader before, let me tell you how much I LOVE her! Her name is Lou, and she's awesome. What a great motivator! Her's is the most popular meeting of the week, and sometimes it's standing room only.

Not only did I get my star, but she knows I lost some weight before beginning WW. Every time I earn a star, she likes to bring that up. So, not only did we celebrate my 35 pound WW loss, but she also celebrated my 54.6 pound loss since I first started out. She even gave me an "I lost 50 pounds" magnet. I was so glad I buckled down and got my work done in time to make the meeting.

I had gotten totally sick of my size 22 jeans. They were so lose and didn't look good anymore. I have an older pair of size 20 jeans that fit me many years ago. They don't quite fit yet. I've worn them around the grocery store twice, but the camel-toe/muffin-top look isn't quite stylish enough to wear around my 8th graders.
So, I went to Lane Bryant this weekend to check out their new Right Fit jeans. I didn't really understand what I was in for, but I got fitted by one of the ladies. I thought I was looking for a 20 Petite, but instead she measured me for a 5 Yellow Petite. I have no idea what that really means, but the fit is PERFECT. I have big hips, but I have no ass. It turns out that the yellow is for people with narrow hips and larger asses, but because I'm the opposite, it worked out perfectly. I've always had to have jeans that fit my waist, but not my pretty small legs/ass. I was so excited I bought two pairs!

On another note, I got a surprise invitation at the last minute to go to the Justin Timberlake concert here in Atlanta last night (for free!). I went and had a blast! What an amazing display of showmanship. I also happened to sit, literally, right in front of two former students from three years ago. Depsite my fears, I think they actually enjoyed hanging out with my friend and me for several hours.

Hope everyone's having a good week, and that you're less frazzled than I will be in the coming back-to-school days!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sunshine Day

First of all, Atlanta is hot as Hell today. Temperatures nearing 100F all week. Yuck.

Today was really fun, despite the heat. It was the first day back for teachers. I got so much positive feedback about how good I'm looking. Lots of comments. Lots of questions. The most interesting question was when people asked how much more I want to lose. That seems quite invasive to ask, but since I've been very open since the beginning, I answered pretty honestly. I don't think they intended to overstep boundaries at all. I think that helps me stay responsible. I've said (out loud) what my expectations are for myself. Everyone will know if I fail. On the good side, though, everyone will know when I've made progress. I loved it today.

My relationship with Max is progressing. We had our first tenseness/argument/problem. Turns out he found one of your blogs in the history of his computer, couldn't resist temptation, clicked around until he found mine, and read the damn thing (really just the parts about him). First, I've been very careful to make sure everything is deleted from his history, but I must have messed up once. Now, we've had some long discussions about some of the things I said about him (like when I said he was a little 'rough around the edges'). That's a conversation (or three) I could have done without. I'm hurt since he specifically knew that he wasn't allowed, but I have no question about his devotion to me at this time. First, he fessed up immediately when he saw me. Second, there was total fear/sadness/mortification in his eyes when he thought I might break up with him over this. I know he will not make that mistake again. I wasn't sure if I should blog about this, and your comments won't make me bring it up again with him. I promised myself that I would get passed this, and at this time, I think I have. He's done his penance in my mind.

I'm going out for a yummy dinner with my best friend at my favorite restaurant in Atlanta (Kyma Greek food on Piedmont Road). Points be damned ... I only go there once or twice a year. We've decided to go all girly and wear dresses, so I've got to go do my hair now. Opa!

P.S. A big shoutout and thanks to Spidey who mentioned me as this week's Weight Loss Winner on his blog. I didn't know there was such a thing. Thanks Spidey! Can't wait to see who wins this week! I hadn't read his blog before, but it's awesome. Check it out.

P.P.S. I was also in first place for my team the Fit and Fabulous this week on Kim's Weight Loss Challenge. I'm so glad to be contributing finally, and I hope to make a good effort with Wednesday's weigh-in also.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I think I can, I think I can

I had some unexpected results at my weigh-in yesterday. I lost 3.6 pounds this week! Woohoo! I've been doing so little toward losing, but I guess my body is ready to get moving again. I'm crossing my fingers for that.

I worked a half-day at school yesterday. Most of the teachers are up there already -- even though we don't actually have to be back until Monday. It was good to see everyone. They think I look amazing, and that is huge motivation for me!

I'm looking forward to grocery shopping this week, because it will be a bit more typical of what my school year meals will be like. All the little snacks I buy as part of my lunch will actually be held off until lunchtime ... as opposed to summer, when they're just laying around calling my name.

I'm going to do my best to catch up with all of you over the next couple of days. I know I've been really lame lately. I apologize, but only just a little. I just needed the time 'off' from focusing only on my weight. I've updated all of my tickers now. Even though I've been bouncing around the same numbers most of the summer, this is my lowest in years. I had hoped to lose about 20 pounds this summer. I only lost 10, but seeing the struggles I had, I'm very pleased with that.

Is it too early to set an end-of-year goal? With the start of the school year, I think I'm going to set a goal for the first semester. That's five months. During the school year, I was averaging about 7-8 pounds a month. Thinking I've slowed a bit, I still think I can average about 5-6 pounds per month. Thirty pounds over the next five months is a lofty goal, but I'm going to try to make that. That will have me just over 200 pounds to start 2008. That's what I'm going to try for. I know having you around will be helpful. Also, I know that Kim's 12 week challenge that ends in October will get me moving.

I think I'm back. My motivation is whispering in my ear. Thanks for not giving up on me!

Kim :)

Monday, July 30, 2007


I've actually put a deadline on whatever this is I'm doing. I've decided to 'maintain' until I go back to work. At some point, it became too hard to be motivated to lose while having no schedule to speak of. I go back to work on August 6, so some time around then, I'll be back on a schedule.
I'm kind of excited to get back to school ... but, I also like laying around the house all day. Alas, what's a girl to do?

Thanks so much for everyone's kind words. I've been lurking and reading about you too. It means a lot to me that people out there want to make sure I'm doing okay. Hey! I've lost 50+ pounds. I have at least that much to go. I'm not going anywhere! Plus, I already donated the fall/winter clothes that I was fitting into so I have to go down at least one more size before it gets cold (thankfully, I live in Georgia where it won't get too cold too often). But still, I currently have about three outfits that will fit come November. You know I have to get my ass moving soon, because I'm not a fashion plate, but I do teach 8th grade. You can't stand to hear too many of this: "Ms. Hither, didn't you wear that on Tuesday already?" Kids may not study, but they notice everything --- when I get my hair cut, when I wear sandals without my toes polished, when I didn't sleep well. Everything.

Anyway, thanks for being here for me. I'm still here for you ... but on the sidelines for another week or so.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's Just a Short Break -- I Promise!

Don't know where my motivation is, but I am out there looking for it.

I skipped weigh-in this week and haven't counted points in two. I haven't ditched the gym, but I've definitely been slow-going.

I had an all-week conference this past week with history teachers from around the district. We had one main goal -- writing lesson plans for the new curriculum, and one secondary goal -- random staff development topics. The lesson plan writing went well for my small group. The other small groups (whose work I'm encouraged to use throughout the school year) were a random grouping of new teachers, stupid teachers, retiring-soon teachers, and those who can't imagine that these people are leading our students into the future (I'm in that category). Seriously ... I overheard one woman (remember -- a history teacher) who was saddened when she was reading and learning for the first time! that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. This is only okay if you're not an American.

We also had an event called "Are You a Lectureholic?" Okay, I'm not a lectureholic. I might lecture to my students 2-3 times a year. So, already I'm kind of bummed that I have to go to this. However, I was thinking ahead of time that we might get some new innovative ideas for the classroom. Nope. I sat through a lecture about not lecturing FOR THREE HOURS! And the woman didn't even tell us anything new in three hours. She was a name-dropper. She was a story-teller (about her nephew, not about history). She was using out-of-date resources that I learned about in college before I graduated 10 years ago. And I was in the 2nd row. I couldn't hide.

I also couldn't hide from going out to lunch every day. I don't know if I'll jump back on the wagon this week, but definitely by this time next week.

On another note, I was so surprised, overwhelmed, thrilled, and excited when Sally from Veggie Paparazzi invited Max and me to a party at her home last night. We only live about 15 miles from each other, and it was so nice of her to invite us. We had such a great time! She had an eclectic group of really nice people who obviously love Sally and her great husband, Dan, a lot! It was a little weird to go to a complete stranger's house and have the understanding that blog topics were off-limits. I'm glad we were on the same wave-length about that. Max knows that I have a weight-loss blog, but it's not something I'm willing (or ready?) to share with him. It was kind of funny to try to explain to him that we would not be sharing with the other people at the party exactly how we 'knew' Sally. Thanks, Sally, for including us. You really made my weekend!

Sorry for the lapse (10 days!) since my last post. I'm working on finding that belly fire again. It's just 2 weeks until I go back to work, so I'm hoping being on a schedule again gets me going.

Kim :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bad Habits/Weigh-In

It was not surprising at all yesterday when my weigh-in showed a 2 pound gain. I think I got over-confident with my Fat Camp results of 6.8 pounds in 2 weeks. With the help of Kim's new challenge, I hope to lose this and a little more before I have to go back to school on August 6. Kim's challenge goes into October. I'm hoping to lose 10% of my current weight (24 lbs) by the end of the 12 weeks. That seems a bit lofty, but I'll be on my best behavior.

My bad habits this week included (but are not limited to): exercising less than usual, snacking more than usual, eating crap

I WILL be better this week.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Wow! Is that the floor?

I'm pretty convinced that I've always been a slob ... in all parts of my life. Now that I'm cleaning up my body, I'm also working on cleaning up my house. I have a 'room of crap' that would be a candidate for that horrible show Clean Sweep. I have a lot of stuff. Some of the stuff I bought thinking I would at some point need it. Some stuff, I have no idea why I have it. So, I'm doing a lot of donating. I'm thinking that the room of crap will be cleaned out by the end of the weekend. Starting tomorrow, I expect to make a daily visit to donate items to Goodwill. I'd briefly thought about selling things on Craig's List or Ebay, but that means the stuff would need to stay in my house until it sold. Bad idea. Getting rid of it is key.
I set a timer for an hour today and actually made a path through the room. I have piles around the house. One is in front of the washer and dryer. Currently, I can not see the washer and dryer. However, I will say that some of these clothing items were dumped in the room of crap because they didn't fit anymore. I only found a few things that will still be too small. Lots of other clothes went into the too big pile to be donated to Goodwill. I also have a giant Goodwill pile. Clothes, toys, a giant teddy bear won by a friend at a carnival, stuff still in its original packaging, etc. Last pile ... stuff that actually belongs in the room once it becomes an office next week. I set the alarm for another hour, and the floor is now completely clear. I put a bunch of stuff up on the furniture in the room, but the floor could be vacuumed now. Of course, I've barely tackled the closet. I do have a deadline. Now that the walls are painted in the other room, I am having new carpet installed in the room of crap, my bedroom, and the connecting hallway. I'm going to schedule the carpeter for two weeks from now.

It's been a good constructive day. Now, I'm off to go see Montez, my sexy trainer. He was on vacation last week, and my body has missed him!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Back to Reality

Mom's gone. I'm no long trying to act responsibly, and it's showing! I've been snacky since she left. I'll try to get better between no and weigh-in Wednesday. I'd like to at least maintain the 6.8 pounds I lost while she was here.

Now that I've hit 50 pounds, I seem to be (not quite) obsessed with finding old fat pictures of me. I posted my least favorite from a little less than two years ago.

I don't have many plans for the weekend, so I hope I'll be able to stay on plan.

Happy Friday!

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Mom and I are taking a Fat Camp Field Trip! Actually, we're just driving to Charleston, South Carolina (about 5 hours each way) to visit her sister's family for the weekend. Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2007

We don't have to Take our Clothes Off to have a Good Time, Oh No

We could dance and party all night ... and drink some cherry wine, uh-huh. I mean, if you want to take your clothes off in order to read my blog, by all means, go ahead.

My apologies were going to go out to Jermaine Stewart for using his song in vain, BUT then I read the rest of the lyrics to the song and figured he owed US an apology. It's so horribly written!

Anyway ... off with the clothes. Really. I have totally emptied four closets of clothing. Here are the piles I came up with. 1) Things I wear that currently fit or that will be too big quite soon 2) Things that are in season but don't fit yet 3) Things that are not in season and don't fit yet 4) Things that are not in season and I hope will fit once it's time 5) Things that may or may not fit, but it doesn't matter since the clothing is ugly/stained/holey/too big.

And then, I had one last pile that I guess was the most thought-provoking. I had a whole slew of clothes that were size 18 but that will not be in season until at least late October (and more likely late November). Really, I hope to not be a size 18 in the late fall/winter. I hope to be a 16 or a 14 (or less, but I'm being realistic). To get rid of or keep? That was the question. I decided that unless I REALLY LOVED the piece of clothing, that it was out. I figured that would be a good incentive. I'm going to have to buy clothes anyway. Wouldn't it really suck if I had to re-buy clothes in a size I don't want to wear anymore? I need a little fire in my belly, and I hope that helps stoke the coals. What would you have done?

I found ONE plus-size resale shop in the Atlanta area (that's 4.5 million people, folks). I called and was disappointed to find out that they are totally filled for the current season and will start taking 'appointments' to go through my clothes in late August ... only for fall/winter clothes. Well crap. I kept four pieces of really nice clothing to take with me in August. The rest, is bundled up and out the door.

The kind of junky stuff went to Goodwill on Friday afternoon. While I was there, I looked around a little just to see what they had. I may need some 'transition' clothes at some point, so it was good to know that if I need a pair of jeans, I can find them for about $5. I also bought two games (Balderdash and Cranium) in nearly-new condition. The Balderdash was still in the plastic. I spent $7.50 total.

The nicer stuff will be going on Monday to a women's shelter run by one of the local synagogues here in Atlanta. They ask for work clothes for women who need to go on interviews or work in a professional environment. I'll be dropping all of that off tomorrow. I assume they've got to have a couple of fat ladies at the shelter who can use my clothes.

On another note, I've been doing better about tracking my points. I realized that WW etools works really well for me during the school year, but now that I'm more unstructured, I wasn't using it at all. I bought one of the 3 month trackers last week and have been almost 100% at using it. I can see that it will make some sort of difference in me being accountable to myself.

Also, Mom arrives on Tuesday and thus begins Fat Camp. Nothing else big to report. I want to give a shout-out to Christine over at I Need to Find Myself who had some nice words about From YAWN to Come Hither. Thanks Christine! She has a lot of great things to say and accompanies it with hilarious cartoons and pictures. Check her out if you haven't already.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weigh-in Wednesday

Today, I have a slight gain of .4 pounds. Yes, I'm back on the wagon, but I'm finding it hard to count points. Today, I bought one of those three month counters. Does anyone else use them? I just need to get back to actually counting. Like someone said at WW, "If you snack it, track it." Or something equally dorky.

I've been dealing with a lot of house stuff this week. Right before I met all you fine people, I had a flood in my house. I had all the absolute essentials fixed immediately, but I left all the cosmetic issues to be dealt with during my 2 month vacation. So, I'm doing that.

Also, I'm inheriting my grandparents' spinet (that's a small upright piano -- about 35" tall), but it's 200 miles from here. You can't imagine what people want to charge to move a piano. We're talking $1000+ here. So, I'm having to be creative. We're renting a U-Haul, hiring piano movers to pack it up in the U-Haul, driving it ourselves, and then having my big strong man friends (it pays to be a flirt, I promise) unload it into the house. It's still going to cost me about $400 and possibly a pizza and beer. Better than the $1200 - $1400 estimates I was getting.

Plus, the air conditioning is having issues. I'm okay with just the fans here in Atlanta (average high is about 85 F during the summer), but Max, the new BF, is not. He's a sweaty boy who doesn't want to sleep here until it's fixed. You know that means less cooking for me, and I'm kind of okay with that.

Anyway, lots of little things I've got popping up all over the place. Now, I'm out of here and on my way to Sexy Montez the Trainer. Mmmm ... meat!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Could this Come Hither thing be working?

Okay, you know me ... the boy-crazy one? Well, it seems that as of this afternoon, I have a boyfriend. His name is Max, and I've been dating him for about six weeks. Today, we discussed that he didn't want me to date anyone else anymore, and I thought that was a great idea. Now, I do have one other guy that I've also been dating for a while ... about eight weeks. However, it just seems more right with Max. What I really wanted was to date the two of them rolled into one, but Max is awesome. He's fun and funny. He's considerate and doting. He's really sexy (at least to me). He's got a tremendous heart. He's a hard worker. And from what he told me this afternoon, he loves me. Wow!
Oh, and he's also a certified trainer. So, in addition to Montez training me 1-2 times a week, Max has also been training me 1-2 times a week. He's the first guy I've ever been (at least partially) honest with about my weight struggles. However, he is not allowed to read my blog ... and he hates yet respects that. And, at least for now, he has no need to know that I weigh 48 more pounds than he does. And yes, he will be meeting Mom next week.

I had another tremendous day in visitor counts. Thanks to everyone who is visiting me! Please leave a comment so I know who you are and how to visit you! It feels so good to have this amazing audience!

I thought for a long time as to whether or not Max would get named in my blog. I began by not naming myself just for additional anonymity, so it's weird that I didn't mind naming him. However, at this point, I am only 'nameless' because there are a lot of other bloggers who share my name. Usually, I think that at least those who share my name must have figured it out by now. But now, for the record, my name is Kim. I will stay as KL so that Kim from Kim Under Construction can be your one and only Kim.

WTF? 62 Visitors in One Day!

Wow! Thanks everyone. Fat Camp must have hit a chord somewhere with you. I had 20 more visitors yesterday than my busiest day to date! My previous record had been about 45.

Thanks for all the tips with what to do with Mom. I'm not going to go nuts on her. I'm just going to show her what I normally do. I usually eat things like refined sugars and fake foods (because they're yummy), so I don't think we'll take it that far to get rid of them.

I've been talking to some of my guys at the gym to try to flirt my way into getting a two-week visitor pass (it usually costs $40). Montez, my beautiful trainer, is working on it. And, I think I'll drop by and visit the one who asked for my number a few months ago and bat my eyelashes a little. He never has called, but he always looks!

I did go back earlier this week and leave a lot of comments for blogs I don't visit very often as well as for people who had left me comments a few months ago but not since. It was great to see the improvements people are making. Yay to us! It was also awesome to find out who some of my first commenters were back in January. Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me all this time. You mean a lot to me!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week. Thanks for stopping by for the first time or for the gazillionth!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fat Camp

My mom is coming to visit soon. She'll arrive Tuesday next week and stay for two weeks. Some history about my mom ...
My mom was a ballet major in college. When she graduated, she weighed 88 pounds (for those of you who are slow with math, that's about 1/3 of me). The day she gave birth to me, her third child, she weighed 103 pounds. And then, she stopped smoking. And then, she got divorced. And ten years later, she got remarried. And now, I think she probably weighs about 180 pounds. That might be a little too much, but I'm probably within 10-15 pounds.
So, Mom is thrilled about what I've been doing to my body and has decided that her two week visit will also be known as "Fat Camp." She wants to do what I do and eat what I eat. I'm going to have her tag along to WW with me, and she's bringing her swimsuit so she can swim while I work out with my trainer and use weights and stuff like that.
I think it's kind of funny that Mom is viewing my house as Fat Camp. What do y'all think? Anything you think I can do to make Mom drop a couple pounds while she's visiting?
I've already told her we'll be working out 4-5 days a week, and she'll be adding a lot of soy, dairy, and fiber to her diet. Any other tips?

Saturday, January 6, 2007

From YAWN to Come Hither

Today, I'm starting my new blog. My goal will mostly be about how I'm trying to better myself in 2007. Mostly, I'm looking at myself aesthetically, but I will also be trying to better my social and financial situations.

I'm going to try to blog at least once each week. Comments are encouraged and appreciated. I'll do a first official blog later this week.