Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from the Lake

I have seen enough phalluses in the last 36 hours to last a LONG time. My friend, Mindy, is getting married in August.

This weekend, we had a lovely ladies' luncheon with a bunch of women and the moms, etc. This is my friend who has cooked about as much in her life as I have in the last two weeks. Her registry was the biggest thing I'd ever seen with all these kitchen gadgets I know for certain she will never use. So, since I know she's a canned goods kind of girl, I got her an electric can opener and an electric jar opener. At least I know those will get used!

After the luncheon, all the younger ladies headed up north about an hour to one of the bridesmaid's lake house. We had penis everything ... cookies, straws, etc. Then, we had a woman from Pure Romance (the people who put the 'o' in romance) come for a little party. Lots and lots of phalluses. In a lot of bright colors. Hmm.

We also had lots of snacky foods. Fortunately, the hostess is also on WW, so everything was mostly decent to start with.

Thanks so much for all the welcome back messages! I've missed you guys!

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Fatinah said...

sounds like a weekend to "envy" hahahahaha