Monday, June 18, 2007

We don't have to Take our Clothes Off to have a Good Time, Oh No

We could dance and party all night ... and drink some cherry wine, uh-huh. I mean, if you want to take your clothes off in order to read my blog, by all means, go ahead.

My apologies were going to go out to Jermaine Stewart for using his song in vain, BUT then I read the rest of the lyrics to the song and figured he owed US an apology. It's so horribly written!

Anyway ... off with the clothes. Really. I have totally emptied four closets of clothing. Here are the piles I came up with. 1) Things I wear that currently fit or that will be too big quite soon 2) Things that are in season but don't fit yet 3) Things that are not in season and don't fit yet 4) Things that are not in season and I hope will fit once it's time 5) Things that may or may not fit, but it doesn't matter since the clothing is ugly/stained/holey/too big.

And then, I had one last pile that I guess was the most thought-provoking. I had a whole slew of clothes that were size 18 but that will not be in season until at least late October (and more likely late November). Really, I hope to not be a size 18 in the late fall/winter. I hope to be a 16 or a 14 (or less, but I'm being realistic). To get rid of or keep? That was the question. I decided that unless I REALLY LOVED the piece of clothing, that it was out. I figured that would be a good incentive. I'm going to have to buy clothes anyway. Wouldn't it really suck if I had to re-buy clothes in a size I don't want to wear anymore? I need a little fire in my belly, and I hope that helps stoke the coals. What would you have done?

I found ONE plus-size resale shop in the Atlanta area (that's 4.5 million people, folks). I called and was disappointed to find out that they are totally filled for the current season and will start taking 'appointments' to go through my clothes in late August ... only for fall/winter clothes. Well crap. I kept four pieces of really nice clothing to take with me in August. The rest, is bundled up and out the door.

The kind of junky stuff went to Goodwill on Friday afternoon. While I was there, I looked around a little just to see what they had. I may need some 'transition' clothes at some point, so it was good to know that if I need a pair of jeans, I can find them for about $5. I also bought two games (Balderdash and Cranium) in nearly-new condition. The Balderdash was still in the plastic. I spent $7.50 total.

The nicer stuff will be going on Monday to a women's shelter run by one of the local synagogues here in Atlanta. They ask for work clothes for women who need to go on interviews or work in a professional environment. I'll be dropping all of that off tomorrow. I assume they've got to have a couple of fat ladies at the shelter who can use my clothes.

On another note, I've been doing better about tracking my points. I realized that WW etools works really well for me during the school year, but now that I'm more unstructured, I wasn't using it at all. I bought one of the 3 month trackers last week and have been almost 100% at using it. I can see that it will make some sort of difference in me being accountable to myself.

Also, Mom arrives on Tuesday and thus begins Fat Camp. Nothing else big to report. I want to give a shout-out to Christine over at I Need to Find Myself who had some nice words about From YAWN to Come Hither. Thanks Christine! She has a lot of great things to say and accompanies it with hilarious cartoons and pictures. Check her out if you haven't already.

Have a great week!


Kate said...

Good Job on buying the three month tracker, and using it! That's the best way to get back on track, and fit into that 14/16 by fall ;)

Fatinah said...

I love those trackers. I'm all about writing shit down! You have to tool for success! Woohoooo!!!

gaga said...

You really are such an inspiration. And I can so relate to the clothing thing. I'm lucky that I telecommute most of the time and so can wear my nasty shorts and t-shirts to work but when I do go to the office I have 1 (YES I SAID ONE) pair of pants (black with elastic waist). I simply refuse to shop for clothing until I get back to being a normal sized human. Which I swear I will do one of these days. Except right now I'm concentrating on quitting smoking more than anything because I would rather be fat and alive than thin and dead. Oh crap now I've gone on too long. Did I mention I'm quitting smoking? Anyhoo - you really are such an inspiration.

Sarah said...

I read over at Losing It Once again you are going to the DMB show in Atlanta in September! I am going to this show too! I am super excited about it and the boyfriend is coming with me too!

"The Captain" said...

That is a good deed giving to goodwill. Think of it this way. Someone who is down and out is going to get some great clothes from a great person. Maybe the weight loss charm will rub off to the next wearer?

Christine said...

Ha - sounds like me, I went thru alot of my clothes last night. Started making piles - keep, toss, and can't part with. :) Thanks for the shout out.

TrixieBelden said...

I did the same thing with my closet about 6 weeks ago, so I know how you feel about finding a decent resale shop. There are none accepting above a size 12, or non-high fashion designers, in my area and I live near a major metropolitan city. I'll bet it feels good to get rid of everything. I still have the piles/bags. I keep thinking I might have more to add to them if I lose more AND I hope to be moving soon, so I don't know if I want to make multiple trips to the thrift store.

Congrats on finding a method that helps you track your points!

Chris H said...

Woo hoo for sorting out your clothes and giving them to those who can use them..... I hope you get a whole new wardrobe one day like I did! Enjoy "fat camp" with your Mum!

Dynamo360 said...

Doesn't it feel amazing to go through one's closet? Especially when that pile of too big stuff just keeps growing and growing? I love it.

I went to the thrift store this weekend and got a boat load of stuff!! And then my best friend came over (who is way more busty than me and needs to wear a bigger size) and took some of the too big off my hands.

Keep up the awesome work KL. And the flirting don't forget that, lol. ;)
It was very fun times. :)

Cassie said...

Oh man, closet cleaning can be such a chore, but I always feel so glad when it's done. I love that you're donating clothes to help women with interviews, that's a really great place to make a donation!
Yard sales rock too! :)