Friday, July 6, 2007

Back to Reality

Mom's gone. I'm no long trying to act responsibly, and it's showing! I've been snacky since she left. I'll try to get better between no and weigh-in Wednesday. I'd like to at least maintain the 6.8 pounds I lost while she was here.

Now that I've hit 50 pounds, I seem to be (not quite) obsessed with finding old fat pictures of me. I posted my least favorite from a little less than two years ago.

I don't have many plans for the weekend, so I hope I'll be able to stay on plan.

Happy Friday!


Chris H said...

Yep, keep looking at your old photos, they will inspire you to keep it off and even lose some more! Have a fantastic weekend chick.

Lady T said...

wow! jsu stumbled here form somewhere....just the photos you've got on your sidebar are impressive! you've done an amazing job. dont've done sooo well.

you've inspired me...i've had such a shard time getting back into the weight loss groove since i got back from vacation...a part of me jsut wants to screw it and start again on monday...but TOM is looming and if i do that...i very well, may gain back the 14 lbs i'd lost! cant do i must force myself to to the gym tomorrow.

Must. Go.

Christine said...

Yah! So glad you were so successful with your mom! That's awesome. I was looking at "pictures" as well - and I never thought I was "that big" - but now that I look at them honestly I see it. Thats how I gained it all - denial. Keep things up - and have a great weekend! I am getting sucked into going to the Transformers movie tomorrow night.

Abba said...

Keep it up. I don't have any photos to look back on. I scatter when a camera is around.

Kate said...

A great way to motivate yourself is to keep looking at those old pictures! Hope you had a great weekend!