Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday weigh-in

I went to weigh in today knowing that I'd mostly been back on track since returning from three weeks out of town. I was down 2.8 pounds today! Since re-joining WW in mid-June, I'm down nearly 9 pounds! Yay!
Now that school is going back, I'm going to have to change meetings. I've been going to a mid-day meeting with a pretty great leader. Her name is Sissy, and she has lost something crazy like 215 pounds. She shows off her 'fat picture' every week, and it's certainly inspirational. My next best time to go to meetings would be on Thursday evenings, but that's led by another person. I remember this leader as the substitute leader from when I went to WW a few years ago. She's nothing to write home about. I could go to Saturday meetings with Sissy, but for some reason, I have always wanted to go during the week. Actually, it's mostly because I like the way this center is run, and it's near work. I don't really want to drive the 15 miles toward work if I don't have to. I think I'm going to try out a Thursday meeting with the other woman once to see if she's as non-inspirational as I remember. I may end up biting the bullet and going on Saturdays though.

Also, years ago, I had signed up for personal training at LA Fitness at a very decent rate (about $22/session). I cancelled my training because I wasn't using it, but when I went to inquire in January, they told me that I had about 50 sessions I'd paid for but had not used. Instead of letting all that money go to waste, I've used all my sessions up -- I have three left. If I want to sign back up again, unfortunately, they have to treat me like a new client with new prices. That would mean that I have to pay an initiation fee, and the sessions have doubled in price since I signed up (I think it was in '06). I'm contemplating signing up again, but the money difference is huge! They're now $40/session if I sign up for twelve months (more per session to sign up for 3 or 6 months), plus a initiation fee of $149. I tried to talk my way into a deal, but I'm very friendly with the guy in charge, and he told me this was the best he would be able to do. I believe him. So, I'm totally torn over what to do. I can afford it, but somehow it doesn't seem worth it. Thoughts?

Max and I are going to the north Georgia mountains tomorrow to check out a possible wedding venue and meet with their event planner. It's a neat ranch-style resort we stayed at a couple of years ago for our first anniversary. After he went to bed, I stayed up, took out the hotel's stationery, and drew up wedding plans for the place. It was that night that I decided that I wanted to marry him. This is definitely the sentimental favorite. It would be a destination wedding for everyone -- it's about two hours north of where we live in Atlanta. Room rates are very reasonable, and there are a lot of things to do in the area -- especially outdoor activities.

Tuesday, I'm meeting with the event planner at an in-town place we've been to for a wedding (actually -- we were invited to two weddings at this venue on July 4 of this year -- they were an hour apart and separated by a courtyard). We had a blast, and both brides were thrilled with the venue. As an added plus, there is a private bowling alley in the hotel. One of the brides used the bowling alley for a really fun rehearsal dinner, and the other bride used it as a after party location for her wedding (she was bowling in her wedding dress!). Max had so much fun. We love bowling -- I gave him a bowling ball a couple years ago, and we both have our own shoes. We bowl 2-3 times a month. Would it be too quirky to have the actual wedding in the bowling alley? I think if the seating was better, I would really be thinking about this. I am going to ask at my meeting on Tuesday if it's ever been done. As long as we have fun and end up married at the end, I'm a little open-ended about my wedding. I say that, but I might not be telling the whole truth. Who knows? I've also been thinking about possibly using it for fun engagement pictures!

I had a third choice venue I met with earlier this week. It is a historic home and 'greens' near our home. I was disappointed in what they had to offer. It was smaller than I realized, and the historic home would only be used for a possible buffet. Everything about the event would have to be outdoors. Too hot for June in Georgia! I do keep going back and forth about a possible wedding in January on 1-1-11, but we're both big football fans, and I keep thinking how many people would be wishing they were watching a college bowl game instead of my wedding. I think it's a no go, but I haven't totally ruled it out. I think it would be a lot of fun to have a New Year's Eve bowling rehearsal dinner.

I should be sleeping, so I'm going to head in that direction. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Kim said...

Congratulations on the loss this week!! Keep up the great work.

The wedding venues you are thinking about sound great, and so fun! I hope that you find the perfect place for the two of you. :)