Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In

Thanks so much for all of your prayers for Max's family. He is currently en route to southern California (with a canceled connecting flight, no less). He's meeting his mom there and then heading out to see the brother. I think he'll be there 5 or 6days.

I'm realizing that I misread my tracker last week and I actually gained 3.8 pounds ... not 2.2! This week, I lost 3.4! That gives me a net loss in the last few weeks of 1.2 pounds. That's pretty good for not really trying. I didn't meet all the goals I set for myself, namely with exercising. However, I'm keeping the same goals this week. Maybe with Max gone and me not trying to adapt to his working overnight schedule, I'll get a better pattern going.

Sarah, I hate to tell you this, but there will not be a before shot of the room of woe. I asked Max to take my camera with him to California. I don't know if he'll actually take any pictures, but I told him to blame me. The only 'recent' picture I've seen of either his mom or brother are from his brother's wedding about 10 years ago (he's been divorced for several years already). If we have children, I want them to know their relatives, even if they are no longer with us.

This week, I'm going to focus on getting at least the entire house ready except the room of woe. Maybe I'll even tackle it, but that's going to be my 'super goal.' Wish me luck with all of it!


Sarah said...

No worries! I agree pictures of Max's family are more important than the Room of Woe.

I'll be thinking about you, Max, and his family this week. Take it easy and hopefully you are feeling better :)

Ellen said...

I've been reading your blog in secret for a few months and just wanted to give you a quick ((((hug)))) during your stress :) I can't imagine what Max and his family and you are feeling right now - though you have put your feelings to words quite eloquently. You are in my thoughts, girl! Also, way to go on the cleaning - though it is very odd, I find cleaning when I'm stressed out to be good for the ol' endorphins.

KL said...

Thanks Ellen (and Sarah too). Ellen, I tried to stop by your blog and leave a comment there, but it says I have to be a team member. Either way, thanks for reading and commenting! I think with cleaning, like exercise and weight loss, getting started is the hardest part for me. But the end product is definitely therapeutic.