Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weigh-In Wednesday

I wasn't sure what this crazy week would have resulted in on the scales. Somedays, I had to remind myself to eat. Other days, I totally made up for that. So, when the WW lady told me I was exactly the same, I was surprised, but knew that it made sense. I have never been exactly the same.

I heard from my gynecologist's office today. They basically said the biopsy showed no signs of cancer or precancerous changes. I still have the HPV, and I'm supposed to have another Pap in 6 months. Phew! We needed no additional drama here.

No new updates about Mike's condition yet. They're supposed to bring him out of his induced coma today. Hopefully, he'll be coherent enough to sign the power of attorney while he's awake.

Unless Mike has a really bad turn for the worse, Max thinks it's best for me to stay here and take care of the cat. I'm totally cool with that. So, I'll be doing that and maybe even tackling the room of woe until then. Max may still need to go back to California for several weeks or months. We'll see what Mike's progress is or isn't over the next few days.

All I know is that Max sounded like himself today ... the first time I can say that in the past week.

Thanks for your continuing support and patience!

Kim :)


Ellen said...

Thanks for keeping us updated :) You are in our thoughts!!

Fatinah said...

glad you heard from the doctor and that all is ok on that front!

and really - good job on maintaining during such a difficult time.

Chris H said...

Yaaa for good pathology results babe! And here's hoping you can contiune to maintain over this horrible period.

JODI said...

glad to hear your lab results were negative, i'm a firm believer in getting things checked out just it can be crossed off the list... and congrats on the maintain this week even though i'm sure that was the last thing on your mind... my thoughts are still w/you and max... :o)

Kim said...

I'm so glad to hear that your test results came back okay. That's a huge relief. :)

Kate said...

Glad Max was sounds like himself, that's a very good thing.

And congrats on maintaining this week, thats awesome!